Thank you from your winner – James!

I remember when I first read the profiles of everyone in the Dysprosium Zone, I just thought wow, what a great bunch of scientists doing some amazing research, Antarctica, lasers, nuclear waste, sleep & human movement, it was an incredible collection of science. I was delighted to get past the first eviction, and honoured to make the final. I am truly thrilled to have won a zone in I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out of Here, I honestly never expected I would.

I am now incredibly excited about the opportunity to go and get my artificial ice core designed and created. I really believe it is going to make for an incredibly valuable teaching resource for myself and my fellow scientists at the British Antarctic Survey to use in our outreach at schools, universities & science fairs.

One of the things that has struck me is the versatility of all the students asking the questions. The range and scope of the questions has been incredible, it has not just amazed me, but also lots of my friends and colleagues who have stuck their heads in to see what I was involved in. The detail, the perception and the effort that has gone into each ASK question was brilliant and for me it has made taking part in I’m A Scientist, such a privilege.

Additionally the Live Chat’s have been insane, cups of tea have gone cold as 30 minutes of my life vanishes in a haze of question & answer. As with the ASK questions, I have often been given the reminder that there is still lots I do not know, yet equally I have been surprised by how much knowledge I do retain!

I must thank Anna, Leonie, Olivia & Joe, because they have made being part of this zone a real pleasure, their answers have entertained me and educated me, especially the questions asked about their research. As a scientist I love finding things out and it has been great to read about the fields they work in, fields of research I would never have come into contact with.

I am sure I speak for all of us scientists in Team Dysprosium when I say, that I hope all the students have learned something new and also have had a real insight into what being a scientist is like and scientists are like as people. I want to wish you all the best of luck for your futures and thank you all, because your questions, your energy and your enthusiasm makes I’m A Scientist what it is.

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone at I’m A Scientist, they organise a wonderful competition and clearly put a huge amount of work into making sure that it all runs smoothly, it is an incredibly worthwhile event and I hope it goes from strength to strength.

Good luck everyone,


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